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24th March 2023 Reading


Theme Reading 


Ash Class- Year 1 Mrs Lucas 


Ivy’s phonics knowledge has improved so much this half term. She tries hard during our phonic sessions and uses the sounds to spell unfamiliar words. Her confidence has grown so much and I’m sure this will continue during the summer term too. She now needs to start reading at home regularly, to continue this success! 


Fir Class- Year 1 Miss Smith 


Lily’s confidence has really improved since the beginning of Year 1. Lily has made steady progress with her phonics knowledge and her reading fluency has really improved. I am so proud of the effort that Lily has been putting into her phonic lessons with Mrs Lucas and this is also having a positive impact on her writing. Well done Lily! 


Elm Class – Year 2 Miss Fazal 


Ronnie’s reading has really improved this term. He can confidently read with great fluency and the speed of his reading has improved significantly. Ronnie shows excellent participation in our reading lessons, and this is shown through his work when answering comprehension questions. Keep it up, Ronnie! 


Oak class – Year 2 Mrs Moss 


Leeson’s reading has shown big improvements over the last term. He can read over 90 words a minute which is excellent and reads regularly at home. In his recent reading assessment, he has made so much progress since the autumn term. Leeson participates well in reading lessons and works hard to answer a range of questions based on the VIPERS. His confidence in reading has grown and I am sure it will continue during the rest of year 2. I am so proud of you Leeson, keep it up!  


Juniper Class – Year 3 Miss Mannion 


Ella’s reading has really improved since the beginning of Year 3. She has improved in confidence and reads fluently with good expression. She shows good participation in guided reading and is a great role model to the rest of the class. She also reads at home and is very close to completing her orange bookmark. Keep up the hard work Ella, I am very proud of you! 


Hazel Class – Year 3 Miss Keane 


Sofia is a fantastic reader inside and outside of school and she is always striving to try her best. She thinks carefully about her written responses and is always willing to support others too. She has recently reached her green bookmark and is already working her way through. Well done Sofia.  


Alder Class – Year 4 Mrs Vowles  


Roseanna has been trying really hard in her reading lessons and is putting 100% effort into her work. Her answers are becoming more detailed and I’m really impressed with her progress in this subject. Roseanna clearly loves books and when we get to read quietly in class, she is always engrossed in the book. Keep up the passion for reading Roseanna! 

Aspen class – Year 4 Miss Grant 



Olaujuwon is a fantastic reader. He always reads at home and has achieved many bookmarks this year. In class, he gives thoughtful and in-depth answers and he is very good at being able to infer what the characters are thinking. It’s obvious Olajuwon reads a lot as his general knowledge about the world is very good. I’m always impressed by the answers he gives and the way he enages with class discussion on the books we read. 


Maple Class – Year 5 – Mrs Unitt 


Over the past few weeks Ethan has been showing true commitment and dedication by reading books to raise money for Year 5. He is in fact that dedicated to reading that he read over 2,500 pages!! Wow and thank you Ethan. You are amazing. Ethan also raised £125 which is absolutely incredible! A true reading star! 


Hawthorns Class - Year 5 – Mr Dallow  


For oustanding improvement and effort in reading from home especially for our reading fundraising in February and March. It is great to see his love for reading with our special author book “The Wizards of Once” I hope other children now take a “leaf out of his book” and join in with our reading at home.  


Beech class – Year 6 Mr Hales 


There has been a definite improvement in Krystian’s consistency in reading at home recently and he is beginning to progress nicely through the bookmarks. This is such an important task and I am so proud of Krystian for making such an effort to make improvements in himself, which is reflected in the greater detail he is trying to give in guided reading. Well done, Krystian. 


Birch Class – Year 6 Mrs Webb 


Laicie works really hard in reading lessons. She always gets her head down straight away to try and ensure that she completes her work. More importantly, I have seen an improvement in the quality of the work that she is producing. She is answering questions in detail and making sure that she uses evidence from the text to back up her thoughts. Her test scores are getting closer and closer to greater depth. Well done Laicie. 


Yew – Year 6 Mrs Jackson Mr Kelly Mr Rowe 


Gracie is a consistent home reader who is flying through her bookmarks this year. She contributes well in guided reading and has shown more confidence with reading aloud. Gracie is one of the top readers in the year group and she should be very proud of herself for the effort she makes with reading. Well done, Gracie and keep it up!