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Star of the Week 19 June 2023



Ash Class- Year 1 Mrs Lucas 

Dara has made excellent progress this year with his reading. He shows great commitment and enthusiasm during our phonics lessons and reads regularly at home. Dara is now on the platinum bookmark; we are so proud of you Dara and I’m sure your parents are too! 


Fir Class- Year 1 Miss Smith 

Alysia has made fantastic progress this year in all areas of the curriculum. She shows great commitment and effort in all subjects, and I am particularly pleased with how much her phonics knowledge has progressed. Keep up the fantastic attitude towards your learning Alysia, well done! 


Elm Class – Year 2 Miss Fazal 

Isabella has shown great commitment this term as she has tried her hardest in all areas of the curriculum. She has made a huge improvement in her writing and maths by acting on feedback and always wanting to do her best. She is 100% committed to her learning and shows great pride when she completes her work. Isabella always has a positive attitude towards her learning. Well done, Isabella! 


Oak class – Year 2 Mrs Moss 

Corey has been really committed to his learning this year and I have been so impressed with how much progress he has made. Corey has now passed the phonics screening and his reading and understanding has improved greatly. Corey has worked hard to learn his number facts for his fact fluency benchmarks this year and is confident with his times tables now. Corey has shown so much commitment to improving his playground behaviour and is more often now making good choices. Well done, Corey, keep it up.  


Juniper Class – Year 3 Miss Mannion 

Jaiden has shown excellent commitment throughout his time in Year 3. He has worked hard and progressed across all areas of the curriculum. He listens and always takes advice on board from teachers. He reads regularly at home and always completes his homework, which I am very proud of. Jaiden has been trying so hard in his writing and has finally received his pen licence this week. Well done Jaiden, keep up the hard work. 
Hazel Class – Year 3 Miss Keane 

Abi has shown great commitment to all of her learning this year in Year 3. Not only does she try her best in school, she also tries her best at home, regularly completing homework tasks and practising her half-termly spellings. Keep this up Abi.  
Alder Class – Year 4 Mr Nawaz 

Alfies commitment to his learning this week has been a real improvement he has tried his best to do the right thing and has chosen to make the right choices. 
He can be proud of his achievements this week. 
Aspen class – Year 4 Miss Grant

Nikaya’s commitment to learning all of her times tables by the end of Year 4 has been absolutely brilliant. Her hard work and effort has paid off and she made exceptional progress over the last month. This is because what you put into learning, you get out! She can be really proud of her achievements and I am super proud of you too Nikaya! 
Maple Class – Year 5 – Mrs Unitt

Arlo has been committed to all lessons recently, which is great to see, He has really matured over the last half term and the quality of his work has improved greatly. Arlo is trying harder in lessons to get the work finished which shows commitment and dedication. Keep up the good work Arlo! 
Hawthorns Class - Year 5 – Mr Dallow  

Savannah has been committed to improving the quality of her work and this has shown in the improvement that is evident in her books from the start of the year to now. Savannah really wants to do her best and has worked hard to show this. She is now not only writing more but also really trying to be independent and achieve the success criteria in our lessons. Well done Savannah 


Beech class – Year 6 Mr Hales 

We have found out that Tommy is a star performer. During the auditions Tommy wanted to sing and he performed superbly finishing to whoops and cheers from the rest of the year. On subsequent days when others needed a bit of support to perform, Tommy was willing to take to the stage again with his comedy performance to make them feel more comfortable. Not only has Tommy given consideration to his singing but to his entire performance - dancing, speaking and acting. He has totally committed to his role. I can’t wait for you to show off to the rest of the school. 
Birch Class – Year 6 Mrs Webb 

I have chosen Ethan this week for the commitment he shows to his work every single day. He has transformed this year and, as a result, has made such a lot of progress. His attitude is what I am most proud of. He is often the first child to get himself on task and he wants to make his work the best that it can be. Even in History lessons, and other subjects in the wider curriculum, he will draft his work on a white board first and check it to make sure that he has used his literacy skills to ensure that it is of high quality. If he hasn’t completed his work in the allotted time, he asks himself if he can stay in to finish. You can’t get much more committed than that. I am really proud of you Ethan and hope that this wonderful attitude continues next year.


Yew – Year 6 Mrs Jackson Mr Kelly Mr Rowe 

Harry is an easy choice for this week’s star of the week because he is committed in every lesson, every day. He arrives at school in full uniform, on time and settles in ready to learn straight away. He puts his hand up in class and offers his ideas, always willing to share knowledge with the class. He independently completes tasks asked of him and offers to help others, continuing to show his commitment to school, his classmates and the work he is completing. Harry also reads regularly and is on his lime bookmark and he always hands in high quality homework. Well done, Harry.