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Community Fridge & Swap Shop

LATEST UPDATES Friday 10th March 2023


On Friday 10th March we have someone from Act on Energy, 9:30am - 4:00pm they can help with bills, debt and heating support. 

They will attend weekly on alternative days.


On a Wednesday we have a WOW peer support women's group 9:30am- 12pm. Booking is required.


Also on a Wednesday we have our Health and Wellbeing invention worker available 9am till 12pm offering mini health checks including blood pressure checks, advice around weight management and stopping smoking support.  Appointments only. 

To arrange an appointment drop in or contact us.


As some of you know, we have a Swap Shop and Community Fridge.


Our swap shop has a range of clothing, coats, school uniforms and footwear for families. This is open Monday/ Wednesday and Friday afternoons: other days can be arranged if needed.  



The community fridge works by reducing food waste. Ideally families from the community can exchange food to help with food waste. 

 "A Community Fridge is a space where surplus food is shared for free, bringing people together to eat, connect, learn new skills and reduce food waste". 


Open Monday/Wednesday/Friday 3pm till 4pm other times can be arranged if needed.

Please note we currently only have tins, pasta, rice and very little fridge supplies at present. 


For more Information you can contact Sarah the Family Hub Coordinator on 07442 550 818 or email