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Primary School

Fox Room

The Fox Room provides care for children aged 3-5 years. It offers a bright, stimulating environment for your child’s continuing development, and a fun approach to learning both indoors and outdoors with a balance of child initiated and adult led play based activities.


Fun and self expression are nurtured by our large range of activities that contribute to a fun day.


Children are encouraged to be independent, make choices and make their own decisions. This will be developed through activities such as putting on their coat and shoes. Serving their own meals at lunchtime, pouring drinks at snack time, selecting activities or visiting the toilet with minimal adult support.


We encourage positive behaviour, children learn how to behave in a manner that shows consideration to others, and where feelings of anger or frustration are managed in socially appropriate ways. We do this through the focus on personal, social and emotional development in our day to day curriculum.


Weekly planning is available to view in the room. There is also an information board for parents outside the room displaying activities.


We also have a computer, tape recorders, programmable toys etc. to support children in developing ICT skills.


Children can enjoy a variety of trips and outings to places of interest and gain experience of the world around them.