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Primary School

Hedgehog Room

The Hedgehog Room provides care for children aged 1-2 years old.  The children have lots of fun in this room and the emphasis is on learning through play.


The children enjoy playing with a range of different toys. We introduce activities to meet their natural curiosity and development.


We also provide a wide range of art activities, which is usually a favourite with many of the children. This includes painting, gluing, mark making opportunities and lots more, which helps develop their fine-motor skills and is very enjoyable. The children are given plenty of opportunity to explore outdoor play and all the fun this can bring.


Children may have a sleep after lunch in their room.


Occasionally a younger child may have a nap in the morning if needed. Individual needs are met.


A daily report of their day is recorded in the room for parents to view. This includes sleep, lunch and daily activities.


Parents must provide nappies, wipes, cream etc. These are stored in a box with your child’s name on in the separate nappy change area.