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9th June 2023


Theme Achievement 

Ash Class- Year 1 Mrs Lucas 


I have been really impressed with Lailey’s attitude towards her learning since returning to school this week. During our maths lessons, she has shown great understanding of her numbers to 100 and is able to explain her working out. She is very keen to answer questions in class and help her friends too. Well done Lailey! 


Fir Class- Year 1 Miss Smith 


Ayla’s attitude and effort towards her learning has been fantastic this year. Ayla has made astounding progress with her phonics, she is a fantastic reader and is very fluent which is a great achievement. Ayla is a very kind friend to others and is a delight to teach. Keep up the great work Ayla, well done!  


Elm Class – Year 2 Miss Fazal 


I am super proud of Josh as he has been working hard in all subjects. Josh challenges himself and shows pride towards his work. He tries his hardest to accomplish everything even when he finds something tricky. This is a great achievement for Josh as he doesn’t give up and shows great determination. Keep it up Josh! 


Oak class – Year 2 Mrs Moss 


I am so proud of Demians, he has been working so hard especially in maths. Demians has really been applying himself and I know he has been working hard at home. He shows a great understanding of his times tables and I was so proud of his work during the SATs where he achieved an excellent score. This is such an achievement as Demians found some aspects of maths difficult but with some determination and effort he has shown he is capable. Well done, Demians, keep it up!  


Juniper Class – Year 3 Miss Mannion 


I am very proud of Leila’s progress and achievements in Year 3 this year. She has grown in confidence and always tries her best in all areas of learning. She is a great role model to the rest of the class, reading regularly at home and always completing her homework to a high standard. Well done Leila we are very proud of you, keep up the hard work! 


Hazel Class – Year 3 Miss Keane 

Reece Seabright

I have been so impressed with Reece this year and all of the progress he has made. His writing has improved dramatically since the start of the year and he is always working hard to achieve the best that he can in all lessons. Well done Reece.  


Hazel Class – Year 3 Miss Keane (CREATIVE) 


I am really impressed with Ayla and her creativity in writing this year. She has made fantastic progress and always has such lovely ideas to share with others. She is always willing to try and go the extra mile to make her work her own and we are so proud of her. 


Alder Class – Year 4 Mr Nawaz 


Neiko has come back after the week off with an amazing attitude towards his peers and class work. He is a delight to teach and he is always asking me for homework and extra jobs to do around the classroom. Well done Neiko and keep up the amazing attitude and work! 


Aspen class – Year 4 Miss Grant 


Ghazl is my star of the week because she has achieved so many Year 4 objectives in her writing. She is making really fantastic progress because she has an excellent attitude to learning and she is always willing to try things, even when they are tricky. It is her wonderful effort that has meant that she has achieved so much. Well done Ghazl! 


Maple Class – Year 5 – Mrs Unitt 

Emalise only joined our class last term. She has settled into Maples perfectly and is an incredible young lady. She is a polite and well-mannered girl, who tries hard in all lessons. She has done exceptionally well during maths. She joined us with little previous fraction knowledge and now she has the confidence to try anything! She has tried so hard and persevered, which has really paid off! Keep up the good work Emalise – Maples are lucky to have you!  


Hawthorns Class - Year 5 – Mr Dallow  


Grace has shown fantastic understanding in our fractions unit and she has worked really hard to improve her maths knowledge. I have been amazed by how much progress she has been making in lessons and the work in her book is testament to this. The fact that she can use a variety of representations to demonstrate her working out alongside prior knowledge is a fantastic achievement. Keep up this fantastic work Grace!  


Beech class – Year 6 Mr Hales 


One of Jack’s great attributes is that he will just give things a go. Like us all, he may find some things tricky, however, this does not put him off from getting stuck in. This has led to Jack having an absolutely fabulous year. He has worked incredibly hard, both at school and at home, to make huge progress with his learning. Although, He has worked well across the whole curriculum, I am particularly proud of how he has improved in P.E. With his perseverance and superb attitude, I have seen Jack make huge strides with his balance and co-ordination. What a great year Jack! 


Birch Class – Year 6 Mrs Webb 


Harrison has been working particularly hard recently in wider curriculum lessons striving to complete his tasks on time and keen to show me the progress he is making. It is great to see him feeling proud of his achievements across a variety of subjects. Mr Rowe is particularly pleased with his recent efforts in literacy lessons. He is using a variety of grammar skills regularly in each piece of work and this dedication to the finer details of his writing is ensuring that he is making good progress. Keep up the good work Harrison: we are all very proud of you. 


Yew – Year 6 Mrs Jackson Mr Kelly Mr Rowe 


Neve is an all-round lovely pupil who strives to do well in every lesson. Her work is of a high standard and always presented beautifully, something she clearly takes pride in, as she should. Neve works hard in every lesson to produce high levels of work and works well in groups as well as on her own. She is always keen to achieve and puts 100% effort into every lesson. Her handwriting is neat and she uses her learnt skills across the board. Well done, Neve. You are a credit to yourself and year 6!