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In year 4 we teach writing skills through an approach called the Power of Reading. The Power of Reading is about teaching literacy through the use of high quality books that the children can engage with. We use creative teaching approaches such as art and drama to ensure that the children experience a variety of teaching methods. This approach aims to excite and motivate children in their literacy learning and also enables children to deepen their understanding of texts and provides a meaningful context for writing. The children have a personal relationship with the book as they become engrossed and invested in it resulting in better results when it is their turn to write. 


A quality text will be used in the classroom as the foundation for learning over several weeks. Children will explore and discuss the text through enjoyable and creative activities. Techniques and skills will be taught to the children and explored within the text before attempting to use them in their own writing. They will also write in a range of genres as part of the unit. For example they might write a letter in role as a character or write a newspaper recount about the events in the text. They could produce a short acted scene or 


Reading aloud is a key part of the Power of Reading. The strategy enables all children to access quality texts. Reading aloud also enables the teacher to model expressive and fluent reading to the children. Children then echo what they have heard read aloud in their own writing. We believe this is where the home-school connection is very important because there will be many children who listen to stories being read at home and this can only strengthen our approach in school so thank you.



Spellings are taught in small differentiated groups across year 4. We use videos, games, partner work and independent tasks to support the teaching of spellings. Children tend to enjoy their spelling sessions and they quickly learn what is expected of them in many of the tasks and challenges.


During literacy lessons, the children have access to the statutory spellings for years 1/2 and years 3/4 to assist them with their writing. These lists can be seen below and can be used at home to support your child's development.

Grammar KPIs and MTP