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Music in Year 6


We follow the Charanga scheme of work in Music and have one music lesson per week.  Children get the opportunity to sing melodies and harmonies and play instruments.  They will compose their own music and will learn about how to represent music using graphic scores and musical notation.  Performance is an important part of music and in Year 6 we give all children the opportunity to perform as a group and individually if they wish to do so.


There will be 6 units taught throughout the year.

Unit 1 - All the learning in this unit is focused around one song: Happy, a Pop song by Pharrell Williams

Unit 2 - All the learning is focused around two tunes and improvising: Bacharach Anorak and Meet The Blues.  Christmas musical activities will also take place during this unit.

Unit 3 - All the learning is focused around one song from Benjamin Britten’s Friday Afternoons: A New Year Carol. 

Unit 4 - All the learning in this unit is focused around one song: You've Got A Friend by Carole King

Unit 5 - This unit focuses on inspirational women working in music.  Children will be invited to try out different ways of making their own music, while exploring the work of some of the most influential women in music over the last 100 years.

Unit 6 - During the latter part of the year the children will be using their musical talents in the development of their end of year production.