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Geography, History, Art and Design and Technology.

In Year 2 we have five different topics, these are; Towers, Tunnels and Turrets, Land Ahoy, Street Detectives, Wriggle and Crawl and Muck, Mess and Mixture.


During our first topic we learn all about castles, who lived in them and the different parts such as the drawbridge, moat and battlements. We use this to design, plan and create our own fortress. We then evaluate our finished product and discuss ways in which we could improve it. 


We then move on to 'Land Ahoy!' and find out lots of interesting facts about some very famous pirates and Grace Darling. We also learn about the four countries of the United Kingdom and the surrounding seas, how to read a map and how to use an atlas. 


As part of Wriggle and Crawl we partake in fieldwork and create simple maps of our bug hunt, complete observational drawings of a range of minibeasts and learn about the food we eat and where it comes from. 


Street Detectives is a local history study in which we learn about how our local area has changed over the years and how we as the young generation can help to improve it. 



Muck, Mess and Mixture lets us become creative and learn how we can manipulate different materials depending on their properties. We learn lots about colour and how by using a range of items (paint, pencils, chalk) we can make the same pictures look very different. As well as this, we also get the opportunity to use tools safely to make our own fruit kebabs.