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Primary School

Geography, History, Art and D&T

In Year One we have four different topics

We use these topics to teach Geography, History, Art, D&T during our curriculum time. We also base a lot of out Science work around certain parts of these topics too. 


Memory Box

We begin this topic with a 'Teddy Bear's Picnic', the children love to bring their teddies in and make their own sandwiches. The Memory Box topic has a history focus where children learn about changes within their living memories, they compare their lives and interests now to when they were a baby and discuss the changes. We learn about memories and recall specific memories from when we were younger. The children look at a range of artefacts from the past and learn about the similarities and differences including toys past and present, books past and present and transport past and present. 

In Geography the children do some fieldwork about the local area and we recall things we have seen.

In Art the children do a lot of drawings and paintings including self portraits and family portraits.

In Design and Technology the children make picnic foods, design and make celebration cards and at the end of the topic design and create their own memory box for them to keep photos and other special items in from when they were a baby or young children. 


Bright Lights, Big City

The topic begins with a 'Tea Party with the Queen'. The children get to dress up in their finest clothes and decorate their classroom for a very special visitor. The children get very excited and enjoy the tea party. The Bright Lights, Big City topic is focused on Geography, the children learn about the countries and capital cities of the UK and we do a lot of work about London including famous attractions such as 'Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the London Eye to name a few. We look at a range of different maps both of the whole of the UK, London and our local area. The children learn about the similarities and differences between a local area and of a different place we usually look at a city in Africa so we are able to discuss the key similarities and differences.

In History we learn about a key event 'The Great Fire of London' which they children love to learn about and always remember key facts about. 

In D&T the children design and make models of London landmarks and a house from 1666 when they great fire of London broke out. The children also learn about the common sources of food and where they come from. 


Enchanted Woodland

At the beginning of this topic we go on an 'Enchanted Woodland' walk. We look at natures beauties, we collected fallen treasures such as leaves, pebbles, bark and wild flowers. The children also encounter magical, fantasy items such as fairy houses and gardens, fair dust, miniature toadstools and little animals. The focus for this topic is Science and the children learn all about animals, habitats, plants, trees, flowers etc. 

In Art and Design we experiment with lots of different natural materials and focus on drawing and paining animals and plants/flowers. The children also design and create different natural structures such as animal dens, woodland crowns, homes for tiny magical creatures, 

In Geography the children learn about maps and keys and create maps of local areas and imaginary maps.  


Dinosaur Planet

The topic begins with a 'Dino-hunt'. The children follow maps and plans to find hidden dinosaur treasures. The children look for clues such as footprints, claws, teeth, nests and eggs. We look at different fossils in soil and sand trays. We then use these for the children to discuss their discoveries and what they found. This topic is focused around History, the children learn about Mary Anning who is a significant person from the past. The children also learn all about dinosaurs, when they were around what they were like and the types of dinosaurs that were around. In Geography children learn about the continents and oceans of the world. In Art and design the children create models of dinosaurs, prehistoric landscapes, create a sockosuarus rex and make dinosaurs eggs.