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SPAG in Year 6


Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) are the building blocks of writing. We work hard to develop the understanding of all these skills to make writing more fluent, intelligible and interesting.




Children have the explicit teaching of spelling twice a week with activities matched to their ability. The scheme that is used is Readiwriter, which is an online progressive teaching tool.

Part of the SPAG test is based on spelling. There are twenty spellings which means the children have the potential to get 20 out of the total of 70 marks just for spelling. It is therefore important that children have a good recollection of spelling rules and spellings.

Below you will find the spelling objectives from the English programme of study (year 5 and 6 is near the bottom) along with the year 5 and 6 word list, which has key words for children to be able to spell



Children in year 6 have to be able to understand and use a full range of punctuation so that they are able to select the appropriate and most effective for their writing and discuss their choices.

See the English glossary in the grammar section below for details about punctuation.

. ? ! , "" ... ' : ; - 



We teach grammar as a part of the writing unit so that it is based within a context so that children are better able to see how these concepts work or can find and discuss examples that are in the book being studied.

There is a separate SAT for grammar which tests the children's knowledge of grammar that they have experienced over their whole schooling. It is therefore important that they have a good understanding of both the language and what it relates to as well as how to use their knowledge with a piece of writing.

The information attached below outlines the grammar and punctuation requirements.



Children will have a specific grammar target that will be worked on each half term. These are aspects of grammar that are key to achieve in this year group. At the end of each half term the children will have an assessment to show how well they have learnt these skills. See the information below for details.