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 Welcome to Yorkswood Primary School's website and to my personal welcome.


Yorkswood Primary School is a very special place. The people who create our school community are dedicated and caring; passionate about their work with a desire to provide an inclusive and rich learning environment.


I have been a teacher and leader at Yorkswood Primary School for over 30 years. This reflects my long standing commitment to Yorkswood and to our local community. In this time, I have developed strong and productive relationships with families, community leaders and community groups. 


Yorkswood Primary School is delighted that we now work in a school building fit for education in the 21st Century. The rebuilding of the school on the site of the old school has helped us to maintain our identity while enabling us to focus on a brighter future. The rebuilding of the school is part of a wider programme of regeneration that will see the 'Village Centre' redeveloped and improved. This much needed investment in the school and community is a catalyst for local pride and for opportunity..


Our school values are captured in the phrase, 'Proud to be AICE'. The unconventional spelling of AICE capture achievement, inclusion, commitment and enjoyment. These values underpin our work and are understood by all stakeholders of the school.


Yorkswood Primary School is a special place. Those who come to our school refer to the warmth of their welcome and the friendly atmosphere. Families who are looking for a school that can nurture children and bring out the best in them need look no further. 


Visits to our school are welcome. I would ask any parent looking for a school place to spend some time with us. You won't regret it. 


Mr Andy Tunstall (Proud headteacher of Yorkswood Primary School)