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Star of the Week - 16th October 2023


Theme PROUD 

Ash Class- Year 1 Miss Mannion 


Lacey always makes me a very proud teacher. She has had a fabulous start to Year 1. She always tries her best and listens in class. She has made so much progress in reading and writing already this year. She is an excellent role model to others. She is kind, helpful and a joy to have in Ash class. Well done Lacey, keep up the hard work! 


Fir Class- Year 1 Miss Smith 

Isla- Jayne

I am so proud of how Isla- Jayne has settled into Year 1, she always tries her hardest in our lessons and she enjoys taking part in class discussions. She is a very kind friend to all and I know that she will continue to excel in Year 1, well done Isla- Jayne! 

Elm Class – Year 2 Mrs Fazal 

Toby-Blake Norman  

I am so proud of how Toby has been working in Year 2. He always tries his best and has a positive attitude towards his learning. This week, Toby has particularly impressed me with his maths as he has made effective use of ten frames to help him with adding. Well done, Toby!  


Oak class – Year 2 Miss Stonehouse 


Isla has had a great start to year 2 and tries so hard in all of her learning. In phonics, I am so impressed with how her speedy reading is improving and her confidence with reading and writing too. This week, Isla has really made me proud with her fantastic history work – she thought of some brilliant questions to ask to the soldiers about the great escape and presented them beautifully in her book. Well done Isla 😊  


Juniper Class – Year 3 Mrs Moss 


Temby has settled into year 3 brilliantly. I am so impressed with the standard of work she is producing, her ideas and participation in class and her commitment to her learning. I am so proud of Temby especially in English lessons as she has worked hard on her handwriting and presentation alongside using more interesting vocabulary. Temby is currently our star writer, and I was so proud of her diary entry. Keep up the great work Temby! 


Hazel Class – Year 3 Miss Shanley 


I am very proud to be Isabelle’s teacher this year. She is a fantastic student who always tries her best and pushes herself to achieve more. Isabelle often helps other children in her class when they are finding a question difficult. She is always kind to everyone and is a valued member of our class. Keep up the fantastic work! 


Alder Class – Year 4 Miss Keane 


I have been so proud of Alfie over the last few weeks. His attitude towards his work has been amazing and he is making sure that he is trying his best in EVERY single lesson. He is making good progress and it is lovely to see his confidence flourish. Well done Alfie. 


Aspen class – Year 4 Miss Grant


I am so proud of Maizie as last week she coped so well last week working with different people.  She showed real resilience and flexibility. Well done Maizie! 


Maple Class – Year 5 – Mrs Unitt 


Proud is just one thing that sums Poppy up. She is a well-mannered, kind girl who tries hard in all of her lessons. At the start of the year Poppy didn’t have a lot of confidence in maths and would be reluctant to put her hand up to answer questions. Lately that has really changed! She has mastered place value, and her books are covered in green, along with stack of dojos and house points. She has found her inner mathematician and I am extremely proud of her for persevering in our lesson. Well done Poppy! 


Hawthorns Class - Year 5 – Mr Dallow  


When seeing that this week’s theme was proud, Suhayl sprang to mind straight away. Suhayl would agree that he did not make the best of starts to year 5. However, we cannot believe the turn around that he has had over the last week or so. Suhayl’s attitude to learning has drastically improved and he is showing the polite, dedicated student that we know that he is. He is flourishing in his lessons; producing some fantastic pieces of work and we are now seeing a “smiley Suhayl” as he is proud of what he is achieving. Keep up this exemplary attitude Suhayl.


Beech class – Year 6 Mr Hales 


I am so pleased with how hard Laken is working at the moment. He does not always find the tasks that he is doing easy, however, he does not moan and he does not give up. He constantly endeavours to do his very best. Laken has produced some fabulous work and he has been making super progress. He should be very proud of what he is achieving. Well done Laken. 


Birch Class – Year 6 Mrs Webb 


In the last couple of weeks, I have seen a real drive to do well from Leo. The effort he is putting into his work, particularly maths and writing, has been fantastic. Not only is he ensuring that the presentation in his books is pristine, but he is listening well and applying his new knowledge to his work. I am really proud to see the progress he is making as a result of his hard work. I look forward to seeing this continue. Well done Leo.