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99 Club

99 club


All children start on the first club test sheet. Children are given a set amount of time to complete the maths problems and this amount of time changes as they progress through the levels. If they manage to get them all correct within that time they move up to the next club. This carries on through the clubs with each club having a challenging amount of time to complete it. We have such fantastic mathmeticians here at Yorkswood that one of our teachers - Mrs Rowberry - has had to create new levels with increasingly difficult problems so children will always have something to strive for.

A display of which club the children are in is displayed in the classroom and the children's names are moved up as they progress through the clubs. The children love doing this and trying to progress through the clubs. We celebrate each others successes and the pupils love to see each other succeed. It is lovely to see how supportive the children can be towards one another when we are doing 99 club.

There are a few rules to the 99 club - children are not allowed to talk during the tests, calculators or multiplication table sheets cannot be used, if they are then the child is aware they cannot move up a club until the problems are achieved without help (children often use a multiplication sheet until they are more confident with their multiplication tables). Children can take home practice sheets so that they can continue their efforts outside of school. We find that the children who spend time on this at home often progress through the levels with more ease.