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Bunny Room

The Bunny Room provides care for babies aged between 6 weeks and 18 months.

Your baby will thrive in our loving, safe and caring environment.


Our babies have their own dedicated room to play in filled with toys to keep their hands and minds full and their faces smiling.

The activities are based upon babies first experiences with lots of sensory equipment to stimulate and encourage development, exploring their bodies and objects around them. plus, time for lots of cuddles.

They enjoy singing, music and toys that make sounds.

There is also a separate sleep area for undisturbed rest.


You will receive information daily informing you of food and drinks taken, nappy changes and sleep pattern so you know exactly what your baby has done in your absence.


Parents must provide nappies, wipes and barrier cream. These are stored in named boxes in our separate nappy change area or they can be supplied daily and stored in your child’s bag on their coat peg.


Formula/breast milk must also be provided from home. All other meals, drinks and snacks are provided by nursery. Meals are pureed for younger babies. When your baby joins nursery staff will discuss the weaning stage your baby is at and foods they have tried or introduced. (settling in booklet)


We recognise that all babies have individual needs and in order to meet these we will ensure a flexible approach to your baby’s daily routine. We ask you to discuss and provide a daily routine prior to your baby starting.