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Meal times are a happy, social occasion for children and staff. All food provided whilst in our care will contribute to an enjoyable, healthy balanced diet and meet children’s individual cultural and dietary needs, including any food allergies.


We provide breakfast, lunch and tea. We also offer milk and a snack twice a day. Also throughout the day, water is available.


Breakfast (served from 8-8:30am) 


This consists of cereal or fruit and juice.

Lunch (served at 12pm)


This comprises of a cooked meal with dessert.  All meals are nutritious, using fresh produce and home made when possible.


Our meals are prepared by the nursery cook, in the nursery kitchen.

Tea (served at 4pm)


We serve a light tea, which usually consists of sandwiches, beans on toast, fresh fruit etc.

Our varied menu for the day is always displayed in the nursery,
Our 4 weekly menu can be found on our Parents Noticeboard or can be found below.