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Star of the Week Reading - 15th March 2024




Ash Class- Year 1 Miss Mannion


Rahim has made good progress with his reading since the beginning of year 1. He always tries hard in our English lessons and shows good understanding and is growing in confidence. 

Well done Rahim, keep up the hard work. 


Fir Class- Year 1 Miss Smith


I am so proud of Luna for her fantastic efforts towards her reading and her phonics. With her phonics she has made steady progress, and she loves to read the ‘alien words’ during our Phonic lessons. During assessment week this week, Luna has tried very hard with her spelling and uses her good knowledge of the different phonic sounds to support her spelling. Luna has also really grown in confidence this year and it is lovely to see her come out of her shell. Keep up the fantastic effort Luna, well done! 


Elm Class – Year 2 Mrs Fazal


I am so proud of the progress Lyla has made in reading since the beginning of Year 2. She has made fantastic progress and can answer a range of different VIPER questions independently. Lyla always takes part in our reading lessons and loves sharing her thoughts and ideas to the class. She loves reading and shows such a great interest when we start a new book. Well done, Lyla! 


Oak class – Year 2 Miss Stonehouse


Maisey is working really hard in phonics and has made improvements since she started in year 2 which is great to see. She is becoming more confident and sure of her ability and I loved seeing her enjoy ‘The Lumberjacks Beard’ in class on World Book Day last week. She was reading with lovely expression in her voice and could remember and sequence the story beautifully. Keep it up Maisey! 


Juniper Class Year 3 Mrs Moss


I am so impressed with the progress that Rachael has made this year in her reading. She has been part of a reading fluency intervention which has meant she has developed her reading speed and accuracy. Rachael is currently on her orange bookmark and tries hard to bring her reading book in each week. Rachael can answer a range of questions linked to the VIPERS and has worked hard this week on her reading assessment. Rachael enjoys listening to a range of stories particularly our current end of the day story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Keep up the great work in reading Rachael.  


Hazel Class – Year 3 Miss Shanley


Leeson has shown great dedication to his reading this year. He is currently working on his orange bookmark and frequently reads at home. This is benefitting him greatly as I can see that his vocabulary has expanded since the start of the year. He is a confident reader and will always offer to read in lessons. Leeson’s dedication to his reading makes him a great role model for the other children in the class.  


Alder Class – Year 4 Miss Keane


Vincent is really trying with his home reading. He has recently started to make sure that he is logging his reading at home and it is great to see that he is now off his cream book mark. Vincent is always engaged in our Guided Reading lessons; always questioning what is happening and thinking outside of the box with his inferences. In class, Vincent loves reading books that are non-fiction and is always enthusiastic to tell me about a new fact he has read. Keep up the love for reading, Vincent. 


Aspen class – Year 4 Mrs Williams-Quailey


Tommy has been persistent in his reading, he is now on Blue which shows he is reading at home and making progress. In Guided Reading in class Tommy is always engaged with his activity and also enjoys participating in whole class reading.   


Maple Class – Year 5 Mrs Unitt


I am really pleased with how Neiko has turned his home reading around, the last couple of weeks. We discussed how reading impacts on writing and now he is really trying to read at home more. He is also eager to read aloud in class, which is always a pleasure to hear. Keep up the good work Neiko, I know we will both notice the difference when you come to write next. Well done!  


Hawthorns Class - Year 5 – Mr Dallow


Over the past few months, Charlie has really improved in his reading and this is due to him taking more of an effort to read in his spare time. Charlie often chooses to spend some of his lunchtime lost in the world of books in the classroom and has been steadily working his way through his bookmarks. This has led to his reading and comprehension skills vastly improving as he is now showing a greater understanding of the texts that he is faced with in lessons and he provides fantastic answers that demonstrate this astute understanding of the texts that he has read. I am very proud of the independence you are showing in your reading Charlie and it is great to see you enjoying what you read. I hope the other children in Year 5 will follow your example.  


Beech class – Year 6 Mr Hales


I am really seeing a more dedicated approach from Jaycob in his reading lessons. He has become much more conscientious, thinking about what is required to show his depth of understanding of what he has read. This has led to much more detailed answers where I am seeing him look for evidence that is the most appropriate to answer a question rather than the first pieces that can be found. Additionally, he has begun to explain his reasons in several ways. I was delighted in his last practice SAT paper that Jaycob achieved greater depth, particularly as this was a stinker of a test. All I need now from him is to start reading at home more regularly so that he can move through the bookmarks more quickly. Well done Jaycob. 


Birch Class – Year 6 Mrs Webb


Georgijs doesn’t always find reading easy but I have seen much more dedication from Georgijs in our guided reading lessons in the last couple of months. This dedication is most certainly paying off: the quality of his work has improved and the amount of work he produces has also improved. He has been working hard on his reading fluency in small groups and has been refining his test technique. I am very pleased to say that he managed to achieve ARE for the first time in a particularly difficult SATs test the other day and I am really proud of his progress and hard work. Keep it up Georgijs.