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The explicit knowledge of grammar is very important. It allows children to have a greater understanding and control over what they are writing. With their growing knowledge, they will be able to give increasingly informed grammatical choices to give their writing a specific impact for the reader.


Children will be taught the range of grammatical concepts for their year group during the units of work covered throughout the year. Certain concepts have been selected as Key for the children to learn – KPIs. These skills will have a greater focus in their teaching. At the start of English lessons, along with word class and punctuation tasks, the children will have short sharp sessions that are focused on a Grammar concept that is covered for the half term. Where applicable, this grammar concept will also be a focus to meet the lesson objective and will be used in modelled and shared writing.


The impact of the work on grammar concepts will be seen in the children’s growing ability to apply their knowledge independently in their written work. Once every half term, the children will complete a written task from plan, to draft, to edit, to publish. The key grammar skill for that half term should a focus for this piece of writing and be evident in the final piece of work. This will result in, across the key stages, a growing sense and confidence in writing for a specific purpose and audience.

Writing Progression Grids