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Star of the Week 26 June 2023




Ash Class- Year 1 Mrs Lucas 


I have chosen Ivey this week for her super writing about Mary Anning. Ivey was so enthusiastic when writing her facts that she had learnt. She thought carefully about what she wanted to write and read back her sentences to ensure they made sense. Well done Ivey! 


Fir Class- Year 1 Miss Smith 

Lyla- Belle

Lyla- Belle is a hardworking student who has made so much progress with her writing this year. She consistently uses capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in her writing and she is beginning to use conjunctions to join her sentences together. She blew me away with her fantastic writing about Mary Anning and I am very proud of her efforts. Well done Lyla! 


Elm Class – Year 2 Miss Fazal 


Temby has been working really with her writing this year. She has started to become more independent with using capital letters and full stops correctly. Temby has tried hard to include a range of co-ordination, subordination, adjectives and expanded noun phrases to create a good piece of writing. Well done, Temby! 


Oak class – Year 2 Mrs Moss 


Amber always puts 100% effort into her writing. This year I have been so impressed with Amber’s writing, she has made lots of progress and uses a range of sentence types, conjunctions, adjectives, contractions, punctuation and ensures her writing is written in the correct tense. Amber’s handwriting is beautiful and she works hard on her presentation. I particularly loved Amber’s guide for a monster that she has written recently. Great work Amber! 


Juniper Class – Year 3 Miss Mannion 


Logan has really impressed me with his commitment to writing this year. He has worked very hard and has made excellent progress. He is able to use conjunctions, fronted adverbials and adjectives to add detail to his writing and expand his sentences. His spelling is fantastic as he often practises his spellings at home. His handwriting is beautiful and he tries so hard with his handwriting. Well done Logan! Keep up the hard work. 


Hazel Class – Year 3 Miss Keane 


Armaan has made good progress with his writing since he started at Yorkswood. He always tries to include his own ideas in his writing and takes care with his handwriting and presentation. He is starting to vary his sentences starters as well as using conjunctions in his work.  


Alder Class – Year 4 Mr Nawaz 


We have been focussing on newspaper writing this week. Hashir has written a really fantastic article. He really understood the features and what is expected of him and the quality of work he should be producing. I am really proud of what he has achieved in his writing and his commitment to his work. Well done Hashir! 


Aspen class – Year 4 Miss Grant


Lee has written a superb newspaper article this week. He has applied all of his learning about the features of newspapers and the Year 4 expectations to write a newspaper article about an event in our book The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.  I’ve been impressed by his independence and his commitment. Well done Lee.  


Maple Class – Year 5 – Mrs Unitt 


Haiting is a hard-working enthusiastic girl whose writing has really improved this year. Haiting always tries hard, and this has really paid off. She recently created an amazing Diary Entry, from a character in Great expectations. Her vocabulary choice was brilliant. She really thought hard about how the character would be feeling. Well done, Haiting, you really are amazing! 


Hawthorns Class - Year 5 – Mr Dallow  


Chance has worked really hard to improve his writing this year ensuring that he includes as many of our grammar features as possible. Chance pushes himself to include relative clauses, time conjunctions and expanded noun phrases to really upscale his work which has led to him producing some fantastic pieces of work. Chance is also regularly editing and improving his work as well showing what a great writer he is becoming.  


Beech class – Year 6 Mr Hales 


In the past few weeks since half term, we have been basing our writing on the book: ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ and the idea of being stranded on a tropical island. Reading through Jake’s work and speaking to his writing teacher Jake has been writing brilliantly. He is using a range of techniques such as non-finite clauses, subordinate clauses and adverbials, and a range of different punctuation. One of the pieces of writing requires a formal and impersonal tone. This is quite tricky to master and Jake has done a really good job.Keep up the excellent work Jake. 


Birch Class – Year 6 Mrs Webb 


Max has shown a great improvement in his writing quality the last few weeks, particularly with our current topic of survival. His opening paragraph was exceptional and his setting description met all the objectives, as Max made sure to use his checklist of grammar skills to improve on his ideas.  Max regularly impresses me in lessons and it is brilliant to see him continuing to put the effort in to keep improving on the skills he is mastering. Long may it continue! Well done, Max. 


Yew – Year 6 Mrs Jackson Mr Kelly Mr Rowe 


I don’t teach Tillie for writing but, as her class teacher, I hear nothing but good things about her work in lessons. Tillie always writes to a high standard and is working at greater depth level. Recently, her non-fiction writing has been brilliant and she makes sure to use a range of grammar skills.  She is a confident and capable writer, easily using skills such as adverbials, a range of clauses, colons and descriptive language with excellent vocabulary. Well done, Tillie. You have been smashing year 6!