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Our school is supporting the Once a Week, Take a Peek campaign.

Our school is supporting the Once a Week, Take a Peek campaign, which aims to encourage parents to work together to beat head lice.


Head lice are a normal part of childhood – with as many as one in ten children experiencing head lice at any time. Although anyone can get head lice, they are particularly common amongst children of primary school age, who spend more time in close contact with their friends.

So you need to be vigilant and check your child’s hair regularly, ideally once every week. The best known symptom is itching, but not all children will itch at first so don’t rely on this. Leaving lice untreated can be a cause of distraction and irritation for children.

The good news is that you can deal with head lice quickly and easily if you take the right action.

To help you with this we are publishing a copy of the Once a Week, Take a Peek leaflet.

The advice in this leaflet is in line with the latest guidelines on how to deal with head lice, and the content is approved by the Medical Entomology Centre, one of the world’s leading authorities on head lice.


Parents Pack

Head Lice Alert Cards
A Once A Week, Take A Peek Campaign Poster