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Star of the Week 19-05-23


Ash Class- Year 1 Mrs Lucas 


I have chosen Jensen this week for the super effort he puts into all of his writing. Jensen listens to feedback given, remembers his punctuation and his presentation is always fantastic. Keep up the great effort Jensen! 


Fir Class- Year 1 Miss Smith 


I am so proud the progress that Ethan has made with his writing this year. His presentation and handwriting have really improved, and Ethan always makes sure to include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in his sentences. Keep up the fantastic effort Ethan, well done!  


Elm Class – Year 2 Miss Fazal 


Danny has made excellent progress in his writing this year. I have been super proud of the different pieces of writing he has produced. He has been very creative in his writing and has developed his ideas effectively. Keep it up Danny! 


Oak class – Year 2 Mrs Moss 


Harper has made so much progress in her writing this year, I have been so proud of her dedication and determination to improve her spelling. Her handwriting is correctly formed, and she has developed lots of grammatical skills such as conjunctions, expanded noun phrases, commas in a list, questions and exclamations; which she works hard to include in her writing. Harper has amazing, creative ideas and I always enjoy reading her writing. Well done, Harper, keep it up!


Juniper Class – Year 3 Miss Mannion 


I am so proud of the progress Ivy has made with her writing this year. She shows so much enthusiasm in literacy lessons and always strives to achieve her best. She loves writing both at home and at school and uses time conjunctions, adjectives and fronted adverbials in her writing. Well done Ivy, keep up the good work! 


Hazel Class – Year 3 Miss Keane 


I could burst with pride when I speak about Emily and her progress in writing this year. It is so clear that all of the extra work she does in the afternoons with Miss Gibbs and Miss Hancox is paying off. Emily was very reliant at the start of year 3 but now is independently writing her own sentences with confidence. She recognises things do not need to be perfect straight away and is always willing to edit her work. So proud of you Emily. Keep it up.  


Alder Class – Year 4 Mr Nawaz 


Kasey has shown a lot of progress this week in her numeracy and literacy work. She has been using all of the Year 4 features in her writing and works really hard in numeracy. She is always very polite and uses her manners. Well done and keep it up! 


Aspen class – Year 4 Miss Grant 


Nazli is always looking for ways to be her very best as a writer. She presents her work beautifully, with care and attention to her handwriting and to how her work is spaced and laid out on the page. This makes it easy to read. She listens to feedback and works hard to include every feature that I have taught. Because of this she has made exceptional progress this year as a writer too.  


Maple Class – Year 5 – Mrs Unitt 


Chloe has made brilliant progress in her writing recently. Her confidence has grown, and this has helped develop Chloe’s writing and improve both vocabulary and cohesion. She now pays particular attention to our success criteria, enabling her to meet more targets. Keep up the good work Chloe. Well done!  


Hawthorns Class - Year 5 – Mr Dallow  


I cannot believe the progress that Lillie has made in developing her writing in Year 5. She has really built up her knowledge of grammar and how to use it effectively in her writing. Her writing stamina has vastly improved and she is now regularly producing good quality work making sure that she has met as many of the success criteria in our lesson as she can. Her reflectiveness in what she has written alongside her willingness to edit and improve has led to some fantastic pieces of writing.  


Beech class – Year 6 Mr Hales 


Most weeks, I have heard nothing but praise from Clare as she applauds and commends the progress and quality of Cayden’s writing. I am regularly given his book to look at and the difference between the start of the year and now is so stark. It is abundantly clear that Cayden has working extremely hard. His vocabulary choices and range of sentence structures really enliven his writing making it enjoyable to read; he has increased his range of punctuation and is able to use commas well to aid understanding and he has really begun to grasp the different structures used in a range of writing genres. This is amazing Cayden; you should be really proud. 


Birch Class – Year 6 Mrs Webb 


McKenzie’s writing has transformed since the beginning of this year. His concentration and efforts in class have really improved and this is part of the reason why he has made so much progress. His handwriting is now beautifully neat and joined, and the quantity of what he produces in lessons has more than doubled. Clare is animated when she speaks about how hard he tries to include specific grammar skills in his work. Not only does he do this in his literacy lessons, but I have seen him transfer these skills into wider curriculum lessons too. I am really proud of your hard work McKenzie, and you should be too. 


Yew – Year 6 Mrs Jackson Mr Kelly Mr Rowe 


Amelia has made a huge improvement with her overall writing. She has impressed Mr Hales with the attempted use of grammar and punctuation skills and there is a significant difference in her work. Because of this, Amelia’s confidence has increased which is fantastic to see. She put a lot of work and effort in to prepare for her SATS and her hard work is paying off. Amelia always presents her work beautifully and she should be as proud of her writing as we all are. Well done, Amelia and keep it up!